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Coyoopa is the brand new martial arts web manga series everybody is talking about.

This action manga follows the adventures of a warrior named Huron, the protector of the Village Clan, who aspires to become the Guardian of Planet Coyoopa.

Following his dream, Huron embarks on a journey in which he forms various alliances with powerful clan fighters from all fifteen clans on Coyoopa in order to take down countless threats and defend the planet from evil.

Kung Fu, Aikido, Capoeira, Taekwondo… you’re gonna see lots of special moves and fighting techniques along the way!

Huron is the possesor of the Sacred Belt, a special accesory that harnesses the power of the four Mystic Outfits of Power: Tiger, Snake, Crane and Dragon.

The Sacred Belt allows its worthy possesor to instantaneously acquire the most incredible abilities and techniques of each Kung Fu style.

However, the actual Outfits of Power reside in various places scattered across Coyoopa. Huron and his friends must find them before they all fall into the wrong hands.

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Coyoopa’s Characters

Coyoopa. Written and Illustrated by Nxt Level Anime.