COYOOPA: The newest Manga series

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Martial arts, Mystic Outfits, Epic Fights

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illustrated with passion by NXT
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                     Coyoopa. Written and Illustrated by Nxt Level Anime.


    Huron must find these before they fall into the wrong hands.
    In Coyoopa, there are four mystic outfits of power scattered across
    Could Huron find them on time?

    Tiger Mystic Outfit Of Power

    Tiger: The internal force and very powerful – Courage and Ferocity – Tiger Claw

    Crane Mystic Outfit Of Power

    Crane: Elegance and Essence – Evasive, long-reach kicks – Crane Beak

    Snake Mystic Outfit Of Power

    Snake: The Chi Power – Fast and Accurate – Snake Hand

    Dragon Mystic Outfit Of Power

    Dragon: The Spirit – Strong and unpredictable – mystic Dragon-tail kick and Dragon Strike